Here are some contributions to software development (R packages) in computer experiments, sensitivity analysis and Poincaré-type functional inequalities.

DiceKriging, DiceOptim

Two R packages for the analysis and optimization of costly simulators, co-authored with D. Ginsbourger, Y. Deville, and V. Picheny (for DiceOptim), with contributions by M. Binois, C. Chevalier, S. Marmin, Y. Richet, T. Wagner…

Customizing kernels with kergp

kergp is an experimental R package co-authored with Y. Deville and D. Ginsbourger for defining its own kernel. Useful functionalities are implemented including maximum likelihood parameter estimation, prediction, leave-one-out validation. Some predefined classes are implemented such as radial kernels or categorical kernels, and operations on kernels are possible via a formula mechanism.


DiceDesign is a R package for designing and evaluating computer experiments, co-authored with J. Franco, D. Dupuy, G. Damblin, B. Iooss. I implemented the radial scanning statistic, which angularly scans space-filling designs in order to detect undesirable patterns (such as alignments).




fanovaGraph is a R package co-authored with J. Fruth, T. Muehlenstaedt and M. Jastrow devoted to block-additive kernels. They are useful to discover and exploit additive structures in multivariate functions.

sensitivity, Poincaré constants

sensitivity is a R package for quantifying the influence of input variables on an output of interest, authored by B. Iooss, A. Janon and G. Pujol. I implemented functions for support analysis, helpful for choosing the boundaries of the input domain, and a function computing optimal Poincaré constants, useful for screening by using the information given by derivatives.