Hello, welcome to my homepage!
I am Professor in Applied Mathematics at INSA Toulouse
Member of the Institut de Mathématiques de Toulouse


  • Domain: probability and statistics, statistical/machine learning, artificial intelligence.
  • Some skills: stochastic modeling, global sensitivity analysis.
  • Research: main activity on small data (or “computer experiments”: mathematical analysis of time-consuming computer codes). Supervisor of the Chair in Applied Mathematics OQUAIDO, gathering 12 partners from industry, technological research and academia.
  • Teaching: mathematics for engineers (levels: L3, M1, M2). Head of the major Data Science at Mines Saint-Etienne.
  • Pedagogy: animation of problem-guided class projects – creation of a challenge in data science with Mines-Telecom Institute and Total.

Short vita

  • 2019 Full Professor at INSA Toulouse
  • 2016  Full Professor at Mines Saint-Etienne
  • 2011  HDR in applied mathematics (accreditation to supervise PhDs)
  • 2002  Associate professor at Mines Saint-Etienne
  • 1999 – 2003  PhD (financial mathematics, time series)
  • 1996 – 1999  Teacher in mathematics (French high schools)
  • 1996  MSc in mathematics (algebra), University of Lyon
  • 1995  Agrégation in mathematics

Editorial duties



INSA, Département Génie Mathématique et Modélisation
135, Avenue de Rangueil, 31077 Toulouse Cedex 4, FRANCE.
Tel: (+33)5 61 55 93 18
e-mail: roustant@insa-toulouse.fr